What is Network Marketing ,How works Network Marketing 

By the way, you must have heard about many ways to earn money online and somewhere you must have heard the word like network marketing. But do you know what is network marketing? If you do not know about any kind of important information related to network marketing, then there is no problem and you do not need to worry.

Today we will tell you what is network marketing in this article, how does network marketing work? Not only this, we are also going to give information about the types of network marketing. Overall, our today’s article is going to prove very useful and helpful for you today.

To know about all kinds of important information related to network marketing, do not miss any information given in the article and you must read our today’s article carefully from beginning to end so that before today in your mind Whatever doubt was related to network marketing, all those doubts should be cleared in this article and you must read the article till the end.

what is network marketing

Network Marketing which is also known as Multi Level Marketing. This is such a business model, under which any company works to sell any of its service or product directly through its customer without any marketing or promotion.

Simply put, network marketing is a business model that works on a chain system and in this the network of a company gradually grows in the chain system. The business which grows through the chain system, the same business is called network marketing.

Example – If you still do not understand what is network marketing? So let us now try to explain it to you through an example. Suppose you do the business of making glasses and if you want to promote this business without any advertisement or marketing, then you will have to do business together with your user.

That is, if you are doing the business of glasses, then after joining you, your user will try to add more users below him and it will work as a chain. Now the user who is making chain system under himself.

He is given a huge discount on the company’s products through you or an opportunity to earn money through commission. In today’s time, many companies doing multi-level marketing in the name of network marketing are running their business.

how works network marketing 

Now we have learned about open network marketing very well and now let us try to tell you how network marketing works? Basically network marketing as we said works on a chain system and as it grows, the business of network marketing also gets bigger.

I want to share some of my network marketing experience with you here, which will make it much easier for you to understand the working of network marketing. I joined a multi level marketing company around 2017 and the business model of that company was a bit different.

In that company, we did not need to promote any kind of product to the customers. But yes, we had to promote the digital service provided by them to the customers. Their business model is such that when we get someone to join under us, we get some points and when the same point convert into 1000 points, we get a chance to earn $1 in exchange of 1000 points.

There was no guarantee of how many points we would get per referral. Whichever person we got to join under us, we had to get him to complete some task. For example, after completing the entire task of creating an account, we had to ask him to install some two-three videos and some 4-5 applications present in the application on the phone. This was the rule of the company.

The user we have joined below, if that user completes all the instructions given by us and completes his first test given in the application, then we will get between 250 points to around 500 points or so Sometimes there was a chance to earn more points per referral.

Now, in this way, we get the direct benefit of all the direct joinings we do, and at the same time, we get the commission according to the percentage of the different lower levels, according to the number of people joining us below the level with us. Used to get and daily we used to earn between $5 to $7 by just doing this much work.

Now apart from this, we had members up to all 7 levels. If those people complete the daily tasks given in the application, such as watching daily ad videos, recharging mobiles, etc., installing some apps, completing surveys, etc.

If we used to complete any of these tasks here and then all the members below us, then we would have earned income and at the same time our users who have joined with us also got a chance to earn.

At that time, I had formed a team of 3000 to 4000 members while working under me and all the members below us were making members under themselves and this was creating a whole chain system and this is a multilevel or so. Say that network marketing is the working module of the business.

Just what the company is doing creatively and whether it is doing something new, there may be a slight change in it, everything else is done in network marketing only through the change system and this is the business of network marketing.

types of network marketing

Let us also give information about some major types of network marketing to all of you and for your information, let us tell you that there are three types of network marketing and we will know about these three types in detail below. Will try and you must read the information given below carefully.

single tier network marketing

Now the question must be arising in your mind that what is single tier network marketing? So let us tell you for your information that under single-tier network marketing, you can associate your product or service with any other network marketing company, and we can directly get the profit of selling your product and service. Can

Under Single Tier Network Marketing, we do not need any kind of business management or staff members, we associate everything with the Affiliate Marketing Company running the Single Tier Program, while managing everything.

To sell your product and service as much as possible, there will be a need to bring clients by any means. For this, you can bring online traffic as you want and improve your direct selling and start earning many times more money.

You must have heard about your PCA program whose full form is clicked on. This also comes under single tier network marketing in a way. Many companies work under this type of network marketing.

two-tier network marketing

Two-tier network marketing comes under direct selling. If you are curious to know the example of this type of network marketing, then let us tell you that companies like Amazon and Flipkart come under this network marketing in a way. But apart from this, she also grows her business in many other ways.

Under this type of network marketing, you have to hire some employees. Suppose you do the business of soap making and you want to take this business further, so that you can make a lot of profit in your business, then you can adopt this type of network marketing.

To do this type of network marketing, you will first have to create your e-commerce website and then promote it and get it ranked in Google or any search engine. Now whatever product you want to sell there, you can upload its details and some of its samples in the form of pictures.

When a customer comes to your website and he will be interested in any type of your product and he will place an order for your product online, then you get a direct opportunity to earn money in this way and in this you will not have to pay any commission to any company. There is no need at all and you can decide the margin of your product yourself.

Somewhere, the company running Meesho and other re-selling programs works under this type of marketing. In this, you will have to do all kinds of management work of your product delivery and other important things on your own.

multilevel network marketing

Under this type of network marketing, you do not have to do any product or service work on your own, nor do we have to associate with any third party single tier or two tier network marketing company.

We have to associate with such a company, which provides us the facility to work under the Multi Level Marketing program. You can do multi level marketing business at ground level without online marketing and advertisement.

You have to make a chain system in this and the more you make a chain system, the better profit you will get to see in this business. This type of business module is known as Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing.


how to do network marketing

Now if you want to know how network marketing can be done, then here we will give information to all of you about some tips for doing network marketing and you can easily do network marketing by following the tips given by us. Are. Do read more than one tip of all the network marketing mentioned below carefully.

choose network marketing company

In today’s era, many network marketing companies are full. But it is very important for you to choose the company running the best network marketing program for you. Before doing network marketing it comes to join network marketing company.

You cannot do network marketing without joining any network marketing company, that is why you must choose the best network marketing company for yourself carefully and carefully. Whichever network marketing company you are associated with.

You understand their legal document and their program carefully, only then you join them, otherwise there are many companies which claim a lot, but when you start working well, you do not get anything for your work. And you may also get fraud in the name of network marketing.

Understand the business module of the company

See, unless you properly understand the business module of the company running any network marketing program, you may face a lot of problems in doing network marketing.

Whichever company you associate with, you have to understand their business module first and try to understand their work pattern carefully. If you focus more and more on these things, then you will not have any problem in doing network marketing further.

Must attend a seminar of the company

From time to time, the company running the program of network marketing invites people associated with it to seminars and also organizes seminars. We get to learn a lot in seminars and even get a chance to meet people already working in this field and understand their experiences.

If you are very serious about network marketing and you want to make a career in this, then you should always join the company’s seminars etc. and not only this, understand the experiences of people already associated with the company. Very important for you.

Those who are very big network marketing companies, their experienced people do different sessions online and at different places. You need to listen to them because you get a chance to learn a lot from them.

learn how to talk

To do network marketing, you have to talk with new people every day and if you hesitate to talk to people, then you must first learn how to talk to people.

How to talk to new people and influence them to listen. You need to learn about all these things only then you can do network marketing easily.

Explain the business plan to the person in front

See, not everyone understands network marketing easily, nor do they understand the business plan of the companies running network marketing. If you want to do network marketing, then with whomever you explain the business module and working pattern of the company, it is very important to explain it to you properly.

We have seen many such people, who get associated with the network marketing company. But they are not able to give proper information about the business module of the company to anyone, nor can they explain the plan of the company properly.

If you are also weak somewhere in this field, then you should talk to your senior and you have to talk to him about the solution of the problems coming in this field.

By doing this, you get people’s trust even more false and you become successful in this business and the person in front also gets a little excited to do this business. Because he knows that everything is written and the chances of being fraud with him are very less.

create chain system

As we have already told you, multi level marketing business is based on chain system, that is why if you want to work on a next level in this business and earn maximum money in it, then you have to start making your chain system.

You try to apply direct joining daily and maintain your reach to maximum number of people, this will start forming your chain system. Those who go far with you, you also have to motivate them as well as keep guiding them so that those people can also start working in this field and can fully cooperate with you in making your chain system even bigger.

The more successful you are in expanding your chain system, the more your business will grow and you will see profits accordingly.

Keep Motivating Your Members

You have to keep trying to motivate all the members who have joined below you. The more you can motivate people and encourage people to work under you, the more enthusiasm your team will work and when your team does this, you will see its profits multiply.

The number of people doing multi level marketing has increased. But very few people remain active after joining it. That’s why you try that all the members you are getting to join you, all those members should be active and they try to do the same work with you.

If they face any problem in this type of business, then you should support them immediately and also provide a guide. With this, your bounding will be able to sit well with your team member and you will be able to grow well together.

give your 100%

See, if you do not give your 100% in any work, then you cannot achieve anything, nor will success come to you.

If you want to be successful in the field of network marketing, then you have to give your 100% and if you give 100%, then your colleagues working under you will also be motivated by seeing you and they will always be full of energy to do the same work as you. Will remain and how you can easily earn money by doing network marketing.

Benefits of network marketing

If you want to know about some of the benefits of doing network marketing, then let us now inform all of you about some of its benefits so that you know what can be the benefits of doing network marketing? Be aware of and for this must read the information given below carefully.

  • You do not need to do any kind of degree or course to do network marketing, nor is there any age limit for this.
  • In network marketing business, we do not need to do much from our side, but if the company is already known as a brand, then you also get a lot of advantage.
  • We get to interact with new people in this business everyday and we connect with new people.
    Our talking skills improve.
  • If you work in this field, then you get a chance to learn a lot through experienced people already working.
  • We do not need to make much big investment, with a minimum investment, you can easily start the business of network marketing.
  • If you associate with the right network marketing company, then you get to see very little risk in it.
    The business of network marketing is considered a source of passive income.
  • There are no limitations to earn money through network marketing. The better you work in speed, the more you will get the chance to earn more money.
  • There is no restriction of any kind in this and you can easily do this work whenever you want according to your time.
  • If you are successful in taking the network marketing company to a good level, then all the expenses of international tour and national tour are given to you by the company for free and you can enjoy the tour with your family as well.

How much money can be earned from network marketing

If you want to join with network marketing company then the first question in your mind will be that if we do any kind of network marketing work then how much income can we get from there.

For this, we would tell for your information, if you associate with a right network marketing company and you work well, then from here you start withdrawing your pocket money in the initial time.

As you increase your chain in this and you have a big team and all work together, then you get a chance to earn lakhs of rupees a month in the next few years.


What is the future of network marketing?

According to the figures of 2020-21, there was a business of 159 billion crores in the industry of network marketing and in the coming year 2025, this Agra is going to be more than 600 billion. From this it can be inferred that the future of network marketing is very bright in our country.

Who can do network marketing?

Almost every person can do network marketing, he just needs to know about this business.

How much investment is required to start network marketing?

To start network marketing, you need a minimum investment and no big investment is required.


In this important article of ours today, we have provided complete information about network marketing kya hai to all of you and we hope that this information given by us will prove to be very helpful and useful for you, so that you can network Got to know a lot about marketing.

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