How to do umbrella making business? (Process, Investment and Profit)

Umbrella Making Business in Hindi: We often use umbrellas to protect ourselves from the sun and rain. Umbrellas are widely used all over the world to protect from sun and rain. It is a product which is in high demand during the summer and rainy season.

In today’s article, how can we do umbrella making business? And how much investment will be required to start this business?, how much money can be earned from umbrella making business, how umbrella is made etc.

How to do umbrella making business? (Umbrella Making Business in Hindi)

You must have seen many types of umbrellas in the market. Different types of machines also come for this. You can start this business in your vacant land or even in a shop.

For this you must have machines and craftsmen to make umbrellas. Here the artisan means that he should have some knowledge about running the machine, so that he can help you a little. With this you can make more umbrellas.

Apart from this, you will also have to buy the raw material for making umbrella from the market. You can also buy umbrella accessories from the wholesale market near you. Through this business, you can earn more profits because you do the manufacturing yourself.

According to a figure, this is such a business, in which 12 months can work. You can easily earn more profits through this business.

types of umbrellas

Following are the types of umbrella

  • hand opening umbrella
  • automatic umbrella
  • beach umbrellas
  • Umbrellas used in hotels, dhabas, restaurants and bars

All umbrellas are divided into different categories. All are used in different places.

Market research for umbrella making business

Talking about market research, this is such a product, whose demand is highest in rainy and summer season. According to a report, it has been learned that sometimes there is such a shortage of umbrellas that umbrellas are imported from other countries, so this business is going to run for your lifetime.

Space requirement for umbrella making business

If you are starting small scale umbrella manufacturing business then initially you can start from your home. You can sell outside by making an umbrella at home.

But if you want to start this manufacturing business on a large scale, in which you have to hire some staff, then you will need some space. As you know, we need many types of machines to make umbrellas.

In such a situation, keeping all these things in mind the place of installation of machines, facility of electricity and water and proper road, land can also be taken on rent outside, where such facility is available.

In manufacturing business, it does not matter much in which location you are choosing the place. Because no matter where you do umbrella manufacturing, you have to sell it in the market area only.

From where to buy raw material to start umbrella business?

To start umbrella business, you have to buy the raw material used to make umbrellas. You can buy raw material in two ways. First online and second offline.

Talking about offline medium, you can buy this stuff from your nearest city or Delhi market. Here you get very good stuff in wholesale.

You also find many companies in the online medium, through which you can buy umbrella row material. But for this first you have to buy umbrella making machines.

Umbrella machines

To make umbrellas you need to have the following machines:

  • Power Press
  • wire cutting machine
  • blower
  • islet press
  • rolling machine
  • Welding Machine
  • buffing machine
  • Grinder
  • tube settles
  • Tube points
  • color mixer
  • sewing machine
  • spring making machine
  • sewing machine

You must have all these machines to make umbrellas. Because without this you cannot manufacture or manufacture umbrellas. Apart from this, some hand tools are also required:

  • hammer
  • Punches
  • chisel
  • sewing machine
  • cutting table

how to make umbrella

To make an umbrella, first of all, small wires are cut through a wire machine. This machine works in two parts. The first one cuts the wires and the second one, the work of correcting the wires is also done by this machine only.

When the wires are cut straight, they are widened with the help of another machine, Horizontal Head Former machine. After this, hinge type holes are made by punching the ends of the wires.

Now in the same way holes are made by flattening the middle part of the wire, so that the small wire can be easily fitted in it. These are called joint and are fitted with the hinge.

Curved round shaped clips are placed in these hinges. Now painting is done in it. It has become a kind of structure. Now you have to put a pipe in it.

After laying the pipe, the waterproof cloth can be stitched with wires as required. Now your umbrella is ready. Now by packing the umbrella you can sell it in the market.

How to sell umbrellas?

You have made an umbrella, now it is your turn to earn profit by selling umbrellas. So for this you have to sell your umbrella as much as possible. For this, you can use both online and offline mediums.

sell umbrellas online

Nowadays people do most of the shopping through online medium. If you sell umbrellas through online medium then you can earn more profit from online as compared to offline. You can use any website to sell products online.

If you want, you can create your own website, where by doing a little promotion of your website, you can easily sell your umbrellas to distant customers.

However, you may have to work a bit more in this. Because when you start your own business online, then you also have to keep a delivery boy, who will deliver the umbrellas to their home when the customer orders.

But if you do not want to do all this hassle, then the other way is that you can sell your product on an already existing ecommerce website. There are companies like Flipkart, Amazon, where you can list your product. There they themselves give you the facility of delivery boy. You just have to mention the price of the product.

sell umbrellas offline

To sell umbrellas through offline medium, initially you have to go to the shopkeepers yourself. If the shopkeepers like your made umbrellas, then they can also buy them in wholesale.

However, you can also get this work done by your staff. At a time, you can give the work of selling your umbrella to three-four staff people at different places.

License and Registration for Umbrella Business

To start any business you must have license and registration. To start this type of business, you should meet a legal advisor and get the documents done, they will help you with the license and registration.

staff for umbrella business

To start this type of business, initially you need 9 to 10 people, who can help you in making umbrellas. Because it requires more machines, for which you will have to hire more staff to run.

When your business starts growing, you can increase the number of staff. You will need some staff to distribute your umbrellas to different shops to sell.

How to packing the umbrella?

Talking about umbrella packing, there is not much packing in it, but in this you can attract customers by packing well. Umbrellas come in plastic foil in the market.

You can make slight changes in it, so that you can easily sell the product in the market. In today’s time, you have to do something different to sell the product.

Many people also establish their own brand. If you want, you can also make your own brand logo on the umbrella packet, so that people can be aware of your manufacturing company and if the product is good, the shopkeeper will also like to buy your product.

Umbrella Manufacturing Cost

To start umbrella business, you have to invest 9 to 10 lakh rupees at least in the beginning. Because in this you need more machines. That’s why more investment will have to be done.

Many machines are needed to make umbrellas, which come in between 6 to 7 lakh rupees. Apart from this, there are many other expenses like light bill, rent, staff expenses, which you have to invest for doing umbrella business.

However, it is not necessary that all people can make such a huge amount available. In such a situation, if the entrepreneur is facing difficulty in collecting such amount, then he can also take the help of loan from the bank.

In today’s time, the government has brought many schemes for startups, in which loans are provided by banks at low interest rates. You can get information related to this from various banks around you.

profit from umbrella business

Talking about earning from umbrella business, you get 20 to 40 percent profit in it. People definitely buy this product. There is no fixed price of these products in the market. You can decide the cost of the umbrella yourself.

For example, suppose you made an umbrella for Rs.70 and sold it in the market for Rs.150. In this you can earn double profit. Through this business, you can earn from 90 to 1.50 lakh rupees per month.

Talking about earning from online market, you will get the same sale as offline. Through this you can build your brand. That’s why you have to promote your company more so that more umbrellas can be sold.

Marketing for Umbrella Business

There are many ways of marketing umbrellas, for that you can follow the steps given below.

With your umbrella in hotels, restaurants

You must have seen an umbrella outside the restaurant or hotel, which are owned by big companies. In such a situation, if you put your own umbrella in hotels and restaurants for free, then it makes your company brand and more and more customers buy it.


You can give umbrellas to all the shopkeepers who set up shop along the beach. In such a situation, you can do branding of your umbrella, due to which you will have free marketing.

through social media

Nowadays most people are active in social media. That’s why you can promote yourself through social media. This allows you to sell more umbrellas. Apart from all these, if you want, you can also get pamphlets printed and distributed.


  • Can umbrella business be profitable?

    Yes, this is a profitable business, in which you can earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month.

  • Do you need training to start umbrella business?

    Yes, because there are many types of machines in it, for which you need training to run.

  • Who can start umbrella business?

    Any person can start this business. He should know how to make an umbrella.

  • Does umbrella business require staff?

    Many types of machines are required in umbrella business. In such a situation, it is difficult to manage all the machines alone at a time. That’s why you need to hire 4 to 5 staff in the beginning. However, later when the business starts developing, then you can increase the number of staff, which will make it easier for you to work.

  • Where are umbrellas needed?

    Everyone needs an umbrella during the rainy season. In addition to rain, people use umbrellas to avoid the sun even in summer. Even those who sell fruits and vegetables on the street outside, they also need umbrellas to avoid the sun in the summer season.


How to do umbrella making business in today’s article? You have been given all the information about (Umbrella Making Business in Hindi). Hope you must have liked this article, do share it further. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, then do tell in the comment box.

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