How to Ball Pen Making Business Investment, Profit and Raw Material

How to Ball Pen Making Business – Pen is one of the things that comes in handy all the time. It is needed everywhere from home to school and school to office. Its business can be started with very little money. The use of the ball pen is very much liked by the people of every field. The most special thing about a ball pen is that its ink dries up as soon as possible. These days ‘use and throw’ pens are also being used a lot. Use and throw pen or ball pen industry can be started very easily in your home. That’s why today the demand for Ball Pen is very high and the demand is increasing day by day, so today there are many companies in India which produce Ball Pen.

How to Do Ball Pen Making Business
How to Do Ball Pen Making Business

Ball Pen Making Business: What is a Ball Pen?

A ball pen is a pen that works like an ink pen but works much better and faster than an ink pen. Its ink dries up quickly, before its discovery, people used to write with ink pen under compulsion, in which ink had to be filled again and again, and many times when hand or water fell on the words written with ink, the words got spoiled and the whole page was ruined. But this does not happen when writing with a ball pen because its ink dries up immediately. After its use, it has to be thrown away and a new one has to be bought, that is why its demand remains constant in the market, especially for ball pens. Because its ink dries quickly due to which the pages do not get damaged, that is why people like to buy more of this pen.

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How to start a Ball Pen Making Business?

Pen is such an object which is used for writing. This is one of those things that comes in handy all the time. This is such a business that you can easily open sitting at home. The person starting Ball Pen Making Business should keep in mind that he will get competition in the market.

There are three types of machines available in the market for making ball pen business, one is full automatic machine, second is semi automatic machine and third is hand machine.

  • Hand machine is available in the market at the lowest price, which you can easily buy online or offline for 20 thousand to 25 thousand, which you can buy online at and you can find it offline by going to your nearest market. Yes and can buy from there.
  • The price of a semi automatic machine starts from 30 thousand which is up to one lakh, you can also buy it online or offline as per your convenience.
  • The third is the fully automatic machine, the initial cost of which comes from 3 lakh to 4 lakh, you can easily buy it online at or offline by going to your nearest market.

Ball Pen Making Business: Materials needed to Make a Pen

  • Barrel – The barrel is that part of the pen, in which the ink is filled. You can get this for Rs.140 per 250 pieces.
  • Adapter – The adapter is the part between the barrel and the tip. Which can be found for Rs.4.5 per 144 pieces.
  • Tip – Tip is that part of the pen, from where the ink comes out regularly while writing. You can get it for 28 to 35 rupees per 144 pieces.
  • Cap – It is used to cover the pen. The cost of its cover is Rs.25 per 100 pieces.
  • Ink – This is the most important material for the pen, which can be found in 120 to 400 rupees per liter.

Investment for Ball Pen Making Business

The investment in this business depends on the business and the machine, because if you start a small business, less investment is required and if you start a big business, more investment is required, and the machine comes from manual to automatic. Fully automatic machine is taken, the more investment is required, the cost of cheap machine is 25,000 rupees, these machines are fine for starting small business, according to this machine, you can easily start business in 40 to 50 thousand. You can start this business by borrowing loan under Government’s MSME Loan Schemes.

Ball Pen Making Business: Pen Making Process

  • First of all, you have to take the adapter and fit it in the adapter machine. After this, press the handle down well by applying the barrel, so that the barrel is set in the chapter.
  • After this, fill the ink in the barrel, for this you keep the filling machine slowly and press down, the ink will slowly fill in the barrel. You have to do this work a little carefully, otherwise the ink can come out of the barrel.
  • Now by pressing the upper part with the finger to put the tip in the barrel, with the help of a tip machine, you can apply a kiss in the barrel.
  • After this, keep the hand on the upper hole of the barrel, then it is put in the tip fixing machine. With the help of this machine, the tip is applied in the ink-filled barrel. After this it turns into a barrel pen.
  • After this, this pan is put in the centrifuging machine so that the excess air inside it is removed.
  • Now this pen can be used comfortably for writing. Similarly, with the help of machines, you can make more pens and you can launch your brand pen in the market.

How much profit can be made in a Ball Pen Making Business?

If you make and sell pens at home yourself, then it costs you at least Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 to make a pen. You can then sell this pen in the market for 4 to 5 rupees.

In this way, if you sell 500 pens daily, then you can make a profit of 1000 to 1500 daily in this business. If you buy a pen from the factory in this business, then you have to buy a pen from the factory for at least Rs 3. You can easily buy this pen in the market for Rs.5 batch.In this way, you can get a profit of 1000 rupees daily in this business. If you do marketing of your business properly, then you can easily earn 10,000 rupees per day in this business. There is a very good profit in doing this business. If you prepare and sell your product according to the demand of the market, then you can get a lot of profit.

How to do Ball Pen Making Business Marketing

  • Marketing For Ball Pen Making Business Marketing is most important in any business, because if no one knows about the product, then the business does not run and there are many options for marketing like;
  • Through Social Media: -Today Social Media is the best means of marketing, social media sites also help you a lot in connecting with new customers. With this, by sharing the link of your products online, you can market your product by attracting customers towards you.
  • Through posters or pamphlets: – This is also a good way of advertising, in this you can promote your company by placing and distributing it in cities or far-flung areas through pamphlets or attractive posters in the name of your company.

FAQs for Ball Pen Making Business

What is a ball pen?

Ball pen is a type of writing pen which is blue in color. In today’s time people use ball pens to write.

What is the cost of a pen making machine?

Four types of machines are required to make pens, if you start on a small scale, then the cost price for all four machines will come up to Rs. will go.

What raw material is needed to make a pen?

Ink, barrel, tip, cover and adapter are required to make a pen.

Name the machine required to make a pen?

Ink filling machine, centrifuging machine, punching machine and tip fixing machine are required to make a pen.

What is the cost of an automatic pen making machine?

Talking about the price of an automatic pen making machine, you will get it online for up to 4.5 lakhs.

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